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Today's online effort seems more complicated, but it's not. 1up! has made the management of content distribution into the best channels far easier for your staff, readers and advertisers.

Reaching people where they're at is the key.

1up!'s products provide your content to everyone where they're at, in a way that is easily legible and convenient.

Placing content in any channel is done from a single administration process: stories from the article management and ads through the advertising management form.

There's no cumbersome, additional training process...open the admin form, assign the content to the multiple locations(channels) and click "Finished!" Easy...

Desktop News!Site 6.0 Website
Mobile News!Site 6.0 Website
Heads!Up Mobile Application
Email Newsletters (ENLs)
Flip!Books & E-editions
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Desktop Website

For a majority of your readers this is where they get the most bang for the buck. It has everything they could want and need from your online efforts.

  • Takes full advantage of all the capabilities of the software
  • Largest inventory of display space for advertising
  • Easy to place content into your other channels
  • Where your greatest inventory of articles and ads are
  • Analytics to help you serve readers and advertisers
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Mobile Website

You have a substantial mobile audience, and your mobile site is specifically designed to give your mobile readers all the elements of your desktop site.

  • Designed for the screens it will be displayed upon; size & speed
  • Easily expandable
  • All the ad space you need or want
  • Analytics to help you serve readers and advertisers
  • No limits on content, readership nor advertising
  • Multi-platform: iOS & Android
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Heads!Up Mobile App

The mobile app allows 1up! to take best advantage of readers' smart devices without asking them to come to your website. The app will proactively notify readers of important news and classified ad updates without requiring them to do anything other than look at their smart devices' screen.

1up!'s Heads!Up App Details

  • Proactive notifications when you post updates
  • Two way communication for news and ads
  • Takes advantage of other smart device apps (phone, email, map)
  • Links back to your website and ads
  • Social sharing on stories
  • Citizen journalism and feedback tools
  • Monetized with banners

And, coming this fall, is our new Sports Scores reporting module in the mobile app, which enables your staff to report in real-time the events and scores of your local games to readers. It has an easy-to-use reporting interface and uses all the best tech in your readers' mobile smart devices.

If you're interested in our new mobile app module, please feel free to contact 1up! at Contact me about your new Sports Scores app module.

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Email Newsletters

If you'd like the tailor content to specific groups of your readers, the ENL is the way to go. It sends stories and ads to their email "In' box and draws them back to your website, where your full portfolio of advertising and editorial features reside.

If you want to have a sports-only ENL then make one...and sell sport-specific advertising on it. If you want to have a education-only ENL then make one...and sell education-specific advertising on it. If you want to have a business-only ENL then make one...and sell business-specific advertising on it. I think you're getting the idea that you can target readers and advertising very easily with 1up!'s built in (and available at no extra cost!) Email Newsletters.

  • Targeted editorial topics & advertising
  • Easy sign up process for readers, requires no staff management
  • Unique designs (not templates) for your newsletters
  • Analytics to help you serve readers and advertisers
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Flip!Books & E!editions

There's a certain demographic that loves to have an experience close to what they have had in print.

Would you like to take your print production files and post them online? Would you like to make them quick to download, searchable and multi-platform compatible?

The Flip!Book and E!edition products can do that for you.

Your staff uploads the files to the 1up! servers, the servers process them into their ultimate form and your readers start enjoying the editions in minutes. No third-party hassles, special training nor cumbersome website addresses.

  • Quick & easy processing
  • Keep the PDF for readers to download, if you choose
  • Hot links extracted to Links Library on-the-fly
  • Thumbnail pages to browse
  • Full searchable content from your pages
  • Timed, inter-page (interstitial) advertising, ad other ad spots around your pages
  • Page turn animation without Flash (which isn't mobile compatible)
  • Pay for what you use...don't get stuck with a bill if you don't
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