Going Mobile with
Heads!Up Mobile Application

Thank you for your interest in 1up!'s mobile application! The app was built with immediacy in mind: easily getting content into it, getting breaking news to readers, tapping over to advertiser's websites. The following is a description of the app, its functions, how to add content and monetize it.

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Why would I want this app?
What platforms will the app run on?
What does the app do?
App Screen Samples
Minimal Configuration Done from the Website
How do I get an App for My Publication?
Details to provide 1up! for your app store listing
The App Addendum
Compare Costs
The Launch Cycle Timeline
How is the app marketed to our readers?
Is there a revenue model for the app?
How do we take advantage of the app's features?
App Content Workflow
Explain what I am seeing.
Other Features
What is the Process to Set Up the App for a Reader?
Can I change the layout or design?
What updates are being planned?
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Why would I want this app?

Mobile users represent the fastest growing component of your readership.
  • It gets you into the mobile game.
  • It's monetized with banners, and soon classifieds.
  • Another channel for your news and your advertiser's banners.
  • It encourages your readers to help you gather news.

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What does the app do?

  • News Headlines
    • It displays news articles or briefs, up to 3 news photos & ads in a smart telephone or tablet.
    • It notifies readers that new articles are available in the app, in almost real-time, after the site admin has loaded the articles in the desktop website.
    • When headlines are tapped either the brief or full story (admin's choice) will be displayed. Also, all headlines and articles are cached in the smart device for offline reading.
  • Classified liners with photos, links
    • It displays your classified liners with address links for a smart phones map app, telephone numbers for the phone app and email links for the email app.
    • Each classified can also display photos of the items for sale. Categories and subcat's are all managed through your website in the same manner as your website's categories and subcat's.
    • To see the full list of features and a few screen shots of the classified module's appearance click here.
  • Citizen Journalism / Feedback Form
    • A contact form is provided to let readers send questions or comments.
    • Readers can send news tips and attached photos.
  • Advertising Banners
    • It's easy to load ad banners because it's done the same way as done for your website.
    • Load multiple advertiser's banners into the mobile app – they rotate in position!
  • Analytics
    • It gathers click-through and impression statistics for advertising.

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App Screens

Splash Screen
Splash screen
Seen when the app is
launched. Displays your logo.

Welcome Screen
Welcome screen
Seen only once after the app
is first installed, so that
the app can configure itself.

Contact Screen
Contact form screen
Found in the Menu, used by
readers to send questions,
comments or even news tips
with attached photos.

Subscriptions Screen
Found in the Menu, used by
readers to add additional
content feeds from
partner websites.

Menu Screen
Menu screen
Enables readers to tweak the
app, browse content and use
the contact form.

Headlines Screen
Headlines screen
The list of headlines, that
when tapped will display
briefs or full articles.

Article (or Brief) Screen
App article screen shot
The full article or brief and
the "View on web" button.
May also display a set of
up to three photos.

Social Sharing Screen
SOcial sharing screen
Social sharing options, when
chosen, overlay the brief or
the article.

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Minimal Configuration Done from the Website

Add headlines with a simple checkbox on the website article admin form. If the article has photos the first three, in chronological order, will automatically accompany the article in the app.

Rotating advertising banners are loaded like website banners, making training simple. Monitor the rotating ad banner position for click-through & impression statistics.

Set the headlines list count in the website's Appearance Manager.

With 1up!'s assistance, website admin's may attach a partner site(s), install colors.

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How do I get an App for My Publication?
  • You have to have a News!Site 6.0 version site
  • Then ask 1up!:
    • For a demonstration of the content management process.
    • Visit our App Build Out page where you can request a license addendum, sign it and submit your building materials start the process to deploy your app!
The approval process usually takes about 10 business days to have it posted to the online app stores, but may take as long as four weeks due to the approval process. That gives us all time to get everything in place and to have a training session before readers start downloading and using your new Heads!Up Mobile App.

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Details to provide 1up! for your app store listing

Follow this link to an entry form into which you'll load all your relevant details.

1up! uses these materials to build your app. If you submit the form with your content please know that work to build your app will start almost immediately (during business hours). If you re-submit materials for your app you will incur a second start-up fee.

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The App Addendum

Your website license requires the app addendum. Please contact Eric Hillis for your copy of the addendum at:
(765) 452-3936 or ehillis@going1up.com.
License Addendum Summary:
Type:An addendum to your existing website agreement
Term:1 year, resets News!Site effective date so the website and the app have the same effective date
Features:As noted above, but more features are to come at no additional cost.
Fees:Contact 1up! for details about set-up and ongoing rates
 • $99 store posting fee (paid by 1up! annually)
 • No set-up fees to add partner website feeds later
Requirements:• News!Site 6.0 cms (app cannot be attached to other, non-1up! websites)
 • Training by 1up! (should be no more than a one hour session)
 • Story & ad banner posting done by your staff

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Comparing Costs

App development costs vary greatly depending on the functionality. A simple web search returned sources which list the development costs (hosting not included) ranging anywhere from $1,000 on the low end (very little control with the app, no integration with a website) to $250,000. And these costs only cover the Apple or Android store, not both.

We’ve done all of the heaving lifting for you. Most of the development is already done and we’ll integrate your Heads!Up Mobile App with your Version 6.0 News!Site. You’ll have control over what content are sent to the Heads!Up Mobile App. Your Heads!Up Mobile App will be available in both the Apple and Android stores.

New features are on the way and as those are released, there will be no additional cost. There will be no need to choose what features you want nor will you have to pay an additional charge for them.

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The Launch Cycle Timeline

The launch cycle entails all those events and tasks required to make your new app available to readers.

Task 21-36 days Responsibility
Sign agreement: .25 days Customer
Provide store information: 3 days 1up!/Customer
Configure app, servers: 5 days 1up!
             • Load the app branding items
             • Assignment of app software to website
             • Configure the website ad type for posting banners
             • Configure the website subsection for posting banners

Load to online store(s): .5 days 1up!
Online store review*: Variable
(10-25 days)
Online store owner
Configure News!Site .5 days 1up!/Customer
Deployment: 1up!/Customer
Link from site to stores: 1up!/Customer

The app store posting is entirely outside 1up!'s control, and therefore any timeline that a customer plans for or markets to its readers/advertisers is and can only be tentative.

1up! is not responsible for any timeframe the app store requires for approval, nor can 1up! adjust the time used by the app store owner to approve the app.

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How is the app marketed to our readers?

How do I tell my readers where they can download
the app?

• Link from your site to the app store (1up! can assist with this step).
• Run articles in your print publication about app, mobile and when
your app has upgrades.

Should I explain how to use the app?
• You should explain how to configure the app, so that readers can start using the app quickly.
• And tell them the purpose of the app...let them know how you plan to use it and what the advantages are for them when they use the app.

Do I use social media to market the app?
• Of course. Provide the link to the app store on all your social media feeds, too.
• Encourage readers to use the app's social sharing features.

Use my print product to market the app?
• Advertise your website & social media addresses, and ask readers to download the app in your house ads.

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Is there a revenue model for the app?
Oh, yeah! You bet!

The News!Site website ad engine has been extended to include your mobile app. This means you simply load/update banners to make them appear in your app!

How do we sell advertising for the app?

Sell them as a package: site (desktop & mobile), enl, app.
  • Make sure to let advertisers know that as breaking news happens, high school games happen and any event that affects readers' lives that their ad will be rotated through the banner with the updates.
  • Or, if you have one huge advertiser who wants to dominate breaking news...anchor an app sponsor.
You then provide your customer with click through and impression statistics to monitor activity.
How do we make money with the app?
  • 1up! recommends selling at least 5 ad banners in rotation at $200/banner/month.
  • If you have a paywall, secured headlines are respected and would direct readers to a subscription sign up page on your desktop website.

  • And remember classifieds are coming very soon...and the app will be a great upsell!

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How do we take advantage of the app's features?

Content strategy? Post only articles that you'd consider breaking news: fires or accidents, weather events, sports scores, elections results, etc. Do not post mundane news or marketing because then the app loses it value and people will ignore it...and advertisers will then lose value.

Posting articles? The site admin checks a box on the article admin form to place a story in the app update queue.

The admin assigns banners to the Mobile App subsection and the Mobile App ad type with a click.

Content updates? Update notifications are sent when the site admin posts new content.

Feedback? Using the Contact Form, ask readers to both let you know what they think and to send you news tips and photos.

Ads, too? Yes. They are loaded like any other ad, and are updated with articles (banners rotate when articles are refreshed).

Yes. The app will display all your categories, subcategories and liners. It will also make email addresses, phone numbers and web addresses live links.

And if there is an address in the liner, then the reader can click it and the smart device's map app will open up to guide them straight in to pick up their new purchase.

Ecommerce? If your site has ecommerce, a paywall, the Heads!Up Mobile App respects those articles, taking readers to your marketing page encouraging them to subscribe.

Site owner sets up? Just a few things: design elements for app, workflow processes (e.g.: story budgets, etc.).

Refreshing content? When the app is launched, or by clicking “Ok” on the notification window or performing a refresh will update the headlines list (new articles since the last update will be tagged “New”).

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App Content Workflow

How are articles added to the app?
The site administrator clicks the checkbox on the story management form...hits "update."

How are ad banners added to the app?
Through the standard process...attach the banner, assign it, click "update.".

What about app stats?
Ad banner click throughs and impressions are gathered, and available in the website.

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Explain what I am seeing.

Viewing articles
Headlines screen Headlines screen

• “News” is the content type title. The three strips are the menu icon (left) and the circle with the arrow head is the refresh icon (right).

• “Howey Politics Indiana” is the name of the website feeding content into the app.

• The list of headlines: clicking any headline opens a brief or an article in the app, and at the bottom of either will be a link to the smart device's web browser. The queue of headlines will update the app user's headline list within a minute or so if new headlines have been added/updated.

• The bar at the bottom of the window with the letters: “LWG” is an example ad banner. It is uploaded as any other banner is in your website. This banner position will rotate any number of banners you load. The system collects impressions & click-through user statistics.

The red color, in this example, is an example of an accent color set during initial configuration.

Headlines screen Article screen

• The headlines with either the full story or a brief is displayed, and then the byline and date are listed below the headline.

• Below the article/brief may be a set of photos (3) that swipe to side-to-side (if the website article has photos). The first three photographs would show, and they will be in chronological order. The captions for the photos are also displayed.

• Lastly is the "View on web" button, that when tapped, will take a reader to the website for further reading.

Headlines screen Social Sharing screen

On the article detail page, for either the brief or an article, in the top right of the screen, is a social sharing icon (it will cover the story if a reader is sharing).

The app caches all headlines and the articles/briefs for offline reading when they are all loaded.

Other features of the app can be chosen through the three barred menu icon.

This is a list of content types that a website administrator chooses to make available to readers. With this first version, only articles will be available to turn on.


If the app's owner has partner publications on the 1up! platform (running version 6.0), then those sites may be added to add to their article feed.

Toggle switches will allow readers to turn feeds on or off from any available partner websites.

Contact Us:
Tap it for a form that allows readers to contact your publication. When the form is submitted the app then fills in an email note to send to the site admin.

Copyright notices and other information about the app are presented here for readers.

If the app has become configured beyond what the reader wants they may reset the app back to its original configuration. The reset process purges all caches.

To return to the headlines all a reader has to do is swipe to the left with one finger.

  Desktop screen

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What is the Process to Set Up the App for a Reader?
Download the app, plug in your device and sync the app into the device.

Step 1.
Click app icon to start set up

Desktop screen
Step 2.
Welcome screen.
Tap “Start reading”
to use the app.

Welcome screen

2 steps...that's it!

The mobile app will automatically cache briefs/articles and ads from that website on first use, and lists the editorial content that your site admin has marked.

Updates are indicated to readers with a numeral on the desktop icon, a notification window and a “New” tag on headlines.

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Can I change the layout or design?

At this time, no.

At this time, no customizations will be available, but 1up! is asking you to send your detailed feature ideas that you'd like us to consider for future updates.

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What updates are being planned?

Future features being considered:
  • Videos
  • Coupons
  • Delays & Closings
When will these new features be available?
App customers will be informed what features will be added next, the timeline and how they can take advantage of the new features.

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We look forward to launching your app soon!

This document covers the first version (v. 1.4) of the 1up! Heads!Up Mobile App and is intended for 1up! customers only. All screen shots in the document are from 1up!'s first Heads!Up Mobile App customer's app. Your app's design and technical attributes may be different.

Heads!Up Mobile App is a new product (5.2014) from 1up! and some or all of the offered features, functionalities and terms may change at any time at 1up!'s discretion without notice.

All users install the Heads!Up Mobile App at their own discretion and are therefore solely responsible for any and all issues relating to the app's performance on their device(s).

Customers agree, by the installation of the Heads!Up Mobile App, to indemnify 1up! from all issues relating to the installation of the app.

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